The New Zealand immigration style, best suited for small white collar families, is still strong in 2018.

With domestic air pollution and competitive pressure increasing, many domestic white-collar families choose to go abroad and live in other countries. As the livable country with the highest level in the world, New Zealand has advanced educational resources and high-quality living environment, and is increasingly being pursued by Chinese people. How to immigrate to New Zealand has become a hot topic for you, and the 360 teachers who study abroad to study the "PGD graduate technical emigration project" for everyone to explain in detail, help you to easily realize the dream of the family immigrant.

A brief introduction to New Zealand's technology immigration policy

In September 2017, the new deal required EOI to score 160 points. The salary will reach 24.29 NZD / h, and the family PR immigration application can be submitted.

Introduction of PGD postgraduate immigration project

Through the master's degree in graduate education, spouses can get an open employment permit and free education for their children. After the master applicant has graduated, he can get an open signature. After obtaining the Job Offer, he can get the New Zealand immigration application by means of skilled migration.

PGD postgraduate immigration advantages

Cost of living:

Can get the spouse to open the work permit, and can work legally all day.
The main applicant can work 20 hours a week during school hours.
Free public education for children
Academic qualifications gain advantages:
Chinese accreditation of Postgraduate Education
Give 3 months of free language lessons before entering the school
Can replace IELTS by intramural examination
Application for immigration advantages:
Applying for immigration after graduation is exempt from IELTS 6.5
8 grade, 60 points bonus, 9 grade, and 80 points bonus (whichever is the new policy).
The overall migration cycle is shorter than that of other immigrants

Can the applicant stay in New Zealand after graduation? Can spouses and children continue to stay?

A: after applying for graduation, the master can get a open work permit for one year. The open logo is a "welfare" visa, giving students the opportunity to work in New Zealand for a long time and to stay for a long time. This is the reason why the Labour government thinks it is "the back door to immigration". Therefore, this visa provides the "most two" application opportunities: for the L8 and above class, the first open will be applied for the first time. If the employer has not met the requirements of the employer's guarantee sign, the second open signing opportunities can be obtained by continuing to study further. Spouses and children are open to work and student visas with the main applicant.

Recommended colleges and Universities
The New Zealand Education Bureau is strict in the management of higher education. In addition to the National University and the National Polytechnic, only a few high quality private colleges provide postgraduate courses. Private colleges will be a good choice for older customers who have been admitted for many years.

360 teachers should remind everyone that the New Zealand immigration office admits that the New Zealand Ministry of education recognizes the top private colleges and universities in New Zealand recognized by the Ministry of education.

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